What is amerispa Corp?

Situated in Garden Grove, California, amerispa Corp, in business since 2005, extensively promotes quality nail salon products that would give 100% satisfaction guaranteed to salon owners and enthusiasts. With its reputation of being the sole authorized dealer and manufacturer of the luxurious unbreakable glass-bowl pedicure spas, amerispa Corp is dedicated to supplying only luxurious pedicure spas and serving the entire 50 states nationwide and overseas. The company continuously expands its solid ground in improving and implementing the most updated technologies to support and escalate the consumer’s desired component of a pedicure spa and yet maintain its low budget rate.

amerispa Corp wants to:

  • • Ensure to continually implement only quality spa products
  • • Make necessary adjustments and designs to meet and exceed customer’s satisfaction
  • • Have non-stop innovations and share them exclusively among their consumers

amerispa Corp Mission and Vision

amerispa Corp, as a prime manufacturer of pedicure spas, stood the test of time and never resigned from the responsibility of carrying out what’s best for their merchandisers. This market oriented company has a substantial commitment to do what they do the best.

The company’s solid mission

  • • To deliver only what benefits the customer most
  • • Continually aim to become a sole dominant player in the commercial whirlpool foot-spa industry
  • • To bring out a newly innovative era of high performance and luxury features of pedicure spas with much more appreciative and affordable pricing
  • • To solve the unsolved problems from utilization of the updated technologies, creative designs, technical know-how, and industrial experience
  • • To allow spa owners to upgrade their salon without constraining their budget
  • • To give unlimited opportunity of owning luxurious glass-bowl pedicure spas in a limited cost

In order to endure its undying advocacy of providing their customer’s satisfaction, amerispa Corp, pledges to take boundless effort, time, and measures to produce more quality high-end spa devices to achieve its best functional values for both the customers and consumers to enjoy. With the company’s non-stop consumer survey regarding the product and the buyer’s desirable feature references, without a doubt we have met our customer’s taste and standard thus giving us the total advantage to achieve more success in the near future.